The Moon


Fucking love these emojis. They are so fresh.

Jokes aside, every 2021 crypto/NFT hype comment loved spewing this sentence. Ironically enough, we've actually executed it.

No anon, this is different.

XPUNKS are literally on the actual Moon.

How? I'll explain below.

Through a friend of ours, we had the opportunity to participate in the IM-1 mission led by NASA and Intuitive Machines. The mission involved sending the first commercial lunar lander to the Moon's surface. This lander had space for a tiny bit of commercial payload on board, and we were a part of it.

On the morning of February 15, 2024, the Odysseus lander embarked on its journey aboard a Falcon 9 rocket to the Moon. After traversing nearly 400,000 kilometres through space, it successfully touched the lunar surface at 23:23 UTC on February 22.

Central to achieving this monumental task was using a Nanofiche. In this compact, 15-layer nickel stack time capsule, each XPUNK is individually engraved on this device, with all associated metadata securely preserved within its structure.

Engineered for extraordinary longevity, the Nanofiche is expected to endure billions of years in space and at least 50 million years on the Moon. Its nickel composition is resilient against oxidation, electromagnetic radiation, extreme temperatures, and other environmental challenges.

In addition to XPUNKs, the mission includes contributions from 222 iconic artists spanning various fields, such as Grammy-winning artists, eminent visual creators, and world-class athletes. The collection features diverse works ranging from iconic paintings from masters like Van Gogh and Michelangelo, to contributions from modern legends such as Stan Lee, Mick Jagger, and Jimi Hendrix.

It also includes 300 NFTs from the Moonbirds collection and tracks produced by Grammy-award winner Timbaland, establishing the Odysseus lander as the home of the inaugural Lunar Museum - a testament to human creativity and achievement across different eras and disciplines.

Proof of Yeet:

IM-1 Lander

NASA + Intuitive Machines


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