Chearning Platform

What are the XPUNK social platform leaderboard Gods telling me?

NOTE that this platform is launching in beta and no rewards will be awarded in this stage.

When navigating to the Chearn Page, you will see the leaderboards of everyone participating in the free-for-all of social-earning. The beauty of it all is that everyone can participate.

Why should you care? WELL... If you Tweet the most about XPUNKS, Trade the most XPUNKS or are straight-up just lucky af, you can have a chance of winning an XPUNK NFT every day.


  • If you are on top of both segments, you will receive an XPUNK for both.

  • You can only win one XPUNK every seven days.

  • The random winner cannot be one of the winners of the other categories.

The following parts will go further into how to participate per category.


If you link your Twitter account to your ChunkID, our systems will automatically track tweets that mention @XPUNKNFTs.

For engagement on Twitter, each like, comment, and retweet tally up as points that you receive on the social metric of the Chunkboard. The ratio at which these social interactions are translated to points is up to you to figure out.


To reach the top of the Trading section leaderboard, a user must have the largest trading volume share on the Solana XPUNKS collection. Points are only accumulated for buys. Per 0.1 SOL trading volume, a user receives 1 point


A random winner is selected daily from among all participants. This person will receive an XPUNK for participating in the social platform.

The Chunkboard

Below, you can see a sneak peek of the Chunkboard and detailed statistics on your activity and accounts.

It is important to note that we will carefully go through the list of winners to determine if they came by their points honorably. If we deem this to not be the case, we reserve the right to deduct points, reset your points, or exclude you from the Social Platform for life.

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