How do I bridge?

Please read the walkthrough in The Bridging Process carefully. If you have any additional questions that are not covered in this FAQ or in the walkthrough, please create a support ticket with our staff or ask the community in the XPUNKS Discord.

Why is there a fee associated with bridging an XPUNKS NFT?

There is a fee associated with bridging an XPUNK NFT because minting an NFT on Solana also comes with certain costs per NFT, which are higher than on the XRP Ledger. Additionally, it helps us recoup some of the costs we have spent building this bridge.

Are there any perks to bridging?

Bridging will give you access to the 3D art extension. You will hold a dual NFT consisting of both the OG XPUNK art and a photorealistic rendition of it on the newest Solana standard called 'core' NFTs.

You will have access to a plethora of NFT marketplaces offering more sophisticated tools than you might have experienced on the XRP Ledger (think collection offers, instant sells and top-trait matching). Additionally, holders will enjoy reduced royalties on the Solana side, as well as exposure to the Solana ecosystem.

You will have access to more web browser-based wallets such as the Phantom Wallet, Solflare, and Exodus.

Is it mandatory to bridge?

No, it is not mandatory to bridge your XPUNKS from the XRP Ledger to Solana. The bridge is and will always be optional. However, we will focus development and the project at large on Solana.

What happens to XPUNKS NFTs that stay on the XRP Ledger?

They will remain on the XRP Ledger. It will always be your choice to bridge them.

Will UNIXPUNKS, onXRP, and/or Eden be bridging as well?

These projects have their own roadmap. Wait for official announcements.

I have not received (all) my XPUNKS on the other side of the Bridge, what should I do?

Of course, this should never happen. However, in the unlikely event that it does happen, please raise a support ticket with our staff in the XPUNKS Discord.

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