The Bridging Process


Successfully bridging your XPUNKS to Solana is pretty straightforward. However, read this page carefully to learn about the process, the dos and don'ts, and the risks.

To initiate the Bridge Process, head to the XPUNKS website at

Select the Bridge button on the header, and you will be redirected to the Bridging page.

Click the top right button to connect your Solana wallet.

  • It is important to note that the Solana wallet you connect to the XPUNKS website will be the destination wallet of the bridged XPUNKS NFTs.

Once you connected your Solana wallet, read through the terms & conditions. If you agree, you can start bridging your favourite pixelated Chunks by checking the box and pressing Bridge XPUNKS.

The first step is to connect your XAMAN wallet to the website. Scan the QR code on the screen and make sure to sign it with the wallet that holds the XPUNKS you wish to bridge.

Once the transaction is successfully signed, you will be redirected to step 2, where you can select the XPUNKS that you want to bridge. You can either choose them manually or use the SELECT ALL button on the page.

**Note that each XPUNKS costs 19.95 XRP to bridge.**

Once you have selected the XPUNKS you want to bridge, click the CONTINUE button to initiate the bridge.

On the following page, a brief summary will indicate the number of XPUNKS you have selected to bridge, the estimated bridging cost, the SOL destination address, and the originating XRPL address.

  • Ensure that you have confirmed that these details are correct. Only then should you proceed to the next page.

This is the page where the magic happens. Due to a lack of the XRPL's programmability, you must sign two transactions: one for the bridge payment and one for the NFT burning.

Note that you will have to sign two transactions per XPUNK (e.g. 5 XPUNKS will take a total of 10 transactions).

Once all transactions are signed and confirmed, the bridging process will begin! Depending on how busy the Solana Network is at the time of bridging, this can be anywhere from 15 minutes to instantaneously.

  • Note that the bridging process has a built-in retry mechanism in case transactions on the Solana Network fail. If you have not received your NFTs after 30 minutes, please create a ticket with our support team in Discord.

You will see the following finalisation screen once the XPUNKS are bridged to the Solana Network.

Congratulations, you are now yet again part of history!

P.S. Be sure to check your SOL wallet to make sure all the XPUNKS have been bridged.

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